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    <f:param  and <rich:menuItem

    Jaime Martin Apprentice

      f:param does not seem to work with rich:menuItem. I am trying with this code:

       <rich:menuItem submitMode="ajax" value="#{messages['ReportSummary']}" action="#{rstReportHome.newReport}">
       <f:param name="tipoSummary" value="ZZZZ"/>

      This does not add any tipoSummary param in the url.
      On the other hand, this code..
      <rich:menuItem value="#{messages['ReportSummary']}" action="/RstReportEdit.xhtml?tipoSummary=ZZZZ"/>

      generates a url with ?tipoSummary=ZZZZ

      but this does not suits my needs because I want to invoke to #{rstReportHome.newReport}

      any idea?
      thanks in advance!