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    Reloading an invalidated entry

    Nathan Messer Newbie

      I've been trying to setup JBoss cache to use invalidation in a cluster.

      I'm handling the re-reading of the entry from the database myself, however I'm not sure how to put the entry in the cache.

      The issue is when Cache instance A has sent out an invalidation message, and Cache instance B is now trying to access that entry, and has found it empty.

      If I use node.put, another invalidation message is sent out across the cluster.

      However if I use cache.putForExternalRead, and the node referenced by the FQN already exists, which in my case it usually does, no action is taken.

      What's the correct approach here?

      Am I using the node structure correctly? I'm using a node for each type of object, so a node will be used to store multiple objects, and each object will be read and update, and therefored invalidated, individually, not at the node level.