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    Deploy jboss cache within an EAR

    erez harari Novice

      is it possible to deploy jboss cache within an EAR? say i create cache-service.xml with Mbean def within it. can i just put it under my EAR META-INF folder?
      will the service then be deployed within the EAR? will jboss-cache jar be able to 'see' my other jars within the ERA?

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          Szymon Zeslawski Newbie

          yes, you can deploy it, I have done it the following way:

          - put the cache MBean configuration in file named jboss-service.xml
          - put jboss-service.xml inside META-INF dir of a newly created SAR file (you can name it jbosscache.sar for example)
          - in your application's EAR you put the SAR at root level and in jboss-app.xml you add:


          That's it :)