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    PanelMenu for navigation

    Justin Cobb Newbie

      I have a panelMenu setup that contains navigation information. I want to be able to click on the panel item and have it load the corresponding page next to it. I have achieved this so far by inserting an unordered list. Then using an ajax call to insert the html into those panes. Here is the list code

      ul iclass="panes" id="panecontrol1"
      li id="new_devicepane" class="pane-selected" /li>
      li id="deviceConfig_pane" class="pane-unselected">/li>

      The ajax call loads the pane without any problem. The only problem I have now is that the components inside that page that was loaded do not respond. I put a panelMenu inside one of the pages that is loaded and it does not response to user interation. Is there something I am missing here. Or is there an easier way to achieve this that I am unaware of?