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    No-storage nodes (coherence-like feature) question

    R S Newbie


      I am trying to assess JBoss Cache capabilities. My app is a web site, and I plan to cache the data in a cluster of external cache jvms (partitioned cache, using coherence language). I would like not to store anything in the app server JVM itself, making it a no-storage enabled node (i.e. i would have access to all the data in the cache but just not really carry any of it in the app servers's jvm).

      I did not find an example of how to configure JBoss cache for that.

      Any help is appreciated.

      Thank you

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          Ramon Wang Newbie

          Hi RS, I think you can try the TcpDelegatingCacheLoader. Although I didn't try it yet, the behavior of this loader described in the user guide may be is the one you want.

          I quote some of the description in the user guide for this loader as below:

          "This cache loader allows to delegate loads and stores to another instance of JBoss Cache, which could reside (a) in the same address space, (b) in a different process on the same host, or (c) in a different process on a different host.

          Hope this would hlep you.