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    Grails JBossCache plugin

    Ming Fai Ma Newbie


      I wonder anyone use Groovy/Grails with JBossCache. Recently, I've created a Grails JBossCache plugin. (http://grails.org/JBossCache+Plugin) to make it easy for Grails user to install and use JBossCache in their project.

      For non-Grails users, if you want to give it a try, you may download the Grails 1.1beta 2 distribution. Set the GRAILS_HOME and put GRAILS_HOME/bin in the PATH. then use:
      - grails create-app jbosscachetest1
      - cd jbosscachetest1
      - grails install-plugin jbosscache
      - grails run-app (to start the app)
      By default, it creates a demo cache with total-replication.xml . i suppose it is a 15 mins process to get the JBossCache demo up and running.

      Any feedback or comment are welcome.