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    should I write a dumb JTA impl if only need async invalidati

    nikita tovstoles Newbie


      I am integrating JBoss Cache 3.0.2 into our app which hitherto used Spring's org.springframework.orm.hibernate3.HibernateTransactionManager (which delegates to Our hitherto stack is as follows:

      Spring 2.5.6
      C3p0 Cnx pool
      Hibernate 3.3.1
      Tomcat 6

      We are running in a cluster, and will only (initially at least) need async invalidation. Given the above, do I really need a full-blown JTA impl (like Atomikos or JOTM) or can I get away with creating a delegate impl of JTA that would:
      - implement javax.transaction.TransactionManager, Transaction, UserTransaction
      - have MyTransaction delegate to org.hibernate.Transaction wherever possible
      - do nothing on Transaction.enlistResource/delistResource
      - do implement registerSynchronization
      - implement own org.hibernate.transaction.factory_class and manager_lookup_class
      - my javax.transaction.Transaction impl would delegate back to Hibernate's JDBCTransaction

      I am wondering whether this is possible because it seems that JBossCache 3 only uses Synchronization and never Transaction.enlistResource.