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    Jboss Cache Skews

    Mark Borg Newbie


      We are in the process of preparing our system to run on several clusters. In order to do this we are currently performing some tests, some of which include JBoss cache.
      One of these tests is the following:test is the following

      1. Having 2 clustered JBoss instances

      2. On each instance we deployed the same web application that all it does is increments a cache value for 1000 times

      3. Trigger both process together

      Expected outcome : The cache value should be 2000

      Actual outcome : The value we are getting is somewhere around 1500 - 1600, meaning that we are loosing several updates possibly due to skews

      Related configurations in replSync-service.xml :

      IsolationLevel - READ_COMMITTED
      CacheMode - REPL_SYNC
      NodeLockingScheme - MVCC
      WriteSkewCheck - true

      Software being used :

      JBoss - jboss-5.0.0.GA
      Jboss Cache - jbosscache-core-3.0.0.GA-all

      What might be the problem. Can anybody help us through this ?