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    Content of ArrayList in Object cached, when retrieved is mis

    Christopher Noyes Newbie

      Stored in cache is an object which has a number of member variables including two ArrayLists. Under certain circumstances, which are unclear when the cached object is retrieved, the array lists are empty.

      The data that is contained in the array lists are also present at other points in the cache and are valid as expected.

      Other uses of the cache work as expected.

      under tomcat 5.5
      Windows XP

      Using Jboss Cache 2.1.1.GA

      Note the instance is also running Activemq

      It's unclear if moving to the lastest build would help
      We are using the core cache because of historical reasons.
      we moved forward to this from 1.2.2 to 1.4.1 and then to this version, due to the stuck lock issue with the 1.x code