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    Maximum number of nodes and limiting memory usage

    Vinay Kumar Newbie

      Hi All,

      I am planning to create a caching layer for my application.

      Here my requirements are to cache lots of data, So, i have to end up creating lot of nodes and ofcourse lot of data under each node ( say a million nodes and some GB's of data altogether).

      I would like to know are there any potential issues in creating millions of nodes ?

      Also I would like to know whether we can configure JBoss cache such that it can use only a certain amount of memory ( say 2 GB ) and above which eviction kicks in ( or something similar happens) so that there will not be a case of out of Memory exception. I am aware of the fact that we can limit the max number of nodes but need to know whether there are other solutions to minimize memory related issues.

      Thanks in advance.