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    Tile Cache, Behaviour on Eviction Help

    Marcin Kap Newbie

      Hi. I'm designing Tile Cache for mapping service. I'm using Jboss Cache. I want to cache Tiles. Tiles are instances of class Image from SWT package. Those Images have dispose() method that should be called when You don't need the Image anymore.

      I would like to invoke this method when node in cache that contains Image tile is evicted. I need this only for local cache on client application without replication and clusterring. I tried to make TileEvictionActionPolicy with such method:

       public boolean evict(Fqn fqn) {
       System.out.println("Start Eviction of: " + fqn);
       if (log.isTraceEnabled()) log.trace("Evicting Fqn " + fqn);
       Node<String, Object> node = (Node<String, Object>) cache.getNode(fqn);
       Image img = node.get("tile");
       if (img!= null && !img.isDisposed())) {
       return true;
       catch (Exception e)
       if (log.isDebugEnabled()) log.debug("Unable to evict " + fqn, e);
       return false;

      But I notice that when I call in this method cache.getNode(fqn) then I have another node evicted too and I don't know what to do.

      Is there any place to controll node removal from cache. I would like to call dispose() on Image that is evicted because of node limit in LRU strategy.

      //Have a nice day