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    JBC 3.0 as L2 cache on other appservers than JBossAS

    Niklas Antoncic Newbie

      I cannot find any examples of a successful set-up of JBossCache 3.0 as a second level cache for Hibernate on a Websphere 7.0 or Glassfish v2 application server.

      In my current project we are forced by company policy to use Webpshere 7.0 in the production environment. We use Glassifsh v2 for development. We are also using Hibernate 3.3.1 as JPA provider now i would like to enable the L2 cache and have found that the JBC is (theoretically) the best choice.

      But, how do I use the nice stuff like MVCC and cluster support? There is a good document called "hibernate-jbosscache-guide" but it does not cover the new functionality in JBossCache 3.0 (but probably 2.1).

      I want the following:
      - JBC 3.0 as L2 cache for Hibernate 3.3.1 on WAS 7.0 (and Glassfish v2).
      - Support a cluster of two physical application servers.(possibly using TCP)
      - Three different caches:
      -- One for refererence data entities (read only)
      -- One for "normal" enitites
      -- One for queries.
      - I want to user MVCC

      1. Is this possible?
      2. If it is, is there any good documentation or even better, an example configuration?

      Thanks / Niklas