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    which XA Cxn Pool?

    nikita tovstoles Newbie

      I apologize for the side question but I am looking to find out which JTA TM impl and accompanying XA-capable connection pool folks are using. The reason I am asking this question here is that we had to add JTA TM because it is a prereq for using JBC3 as Hibernate 2nd level cache. (That, in itself, is a little puzzling since afaik, JBC3 acts as a Synchronization, and, as far as I can tell, Hibernate Transcation API has a synchronization-like interface already)

      I've tested BTM but found it non-performing at scale. Our current stack is:

      Tomcat 6 NIO
      JBC 3.0.3.GA
      Hibernate 3.3.1.GA (using TRANSACTIONAL cache strategy)
      Spring 2.5.6
      Mysql 5.1 INNODB

      Used to use C3P0

      Since we only have 1 Resource (DB), I'd love to make things even simpler and use LRCO. I am assuming many folks here use JBossTM, but it doesn't seem to come with a Connection Pool.