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    How to configure region based caching & use multiple cache l

    Aman Dagwar Newbie

      I want to use specific cache loader for a region. How can I do that? Can I get a sample config file?

      My actual goal is to use 2 different cache loaders for 2 different regions like below -

      Region /user/data/X - use JDBCCacheLoader

      Region /user/data/Y - use FileCacheLoader

      I will use passivation & eviction on both regions but how can I use different loaders on individual regions?

      I can run 2 sets of JBoss cache instance...& providing two configuration files....but I am trying to avoid it.

      Another question - is it possible to do replication at region level?

      Region X - Turn ON replication

      Region Y - Turn OFF replication, which means keep the cache on local server only.