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    ExpirationPolicy not working

    Rama Krishnan Newbie

      Hi ,
      I am setting up expirationalgorithm in my code as follows

      long timeout = 60*1000;
      Long expTime = new Long(System.currentTimeMillis()+timeout);
       ExpirationAlgorithmConfig expirationConfiguration = new ExpirationAlgorithmConfig();
       EvictionConfig ec = new EvictionConfig();
       List<EvictionRegionConfig> ercs = new ArrayList<EvictionRegionConfig>();
       keyNode.put(ExpirationAlgorithmConfig.EXPIRATION_KEY, expTime);
       EvictionRegionConfig erc = new EvictionRegionConfig(keyNode.getFqn(), expirationConfiguration);

      1) On setting this , I expect eviction to run after a minute on this node, but it does not .

      2) I do not have any settings in my config file for eviction. I do have a Cacheloader setup in my config file. On eviction , will the node get expired and be removed from cacheloader as well ?

      From the log files

      EvictionRegionConfig{regionFqn=/data/key109, eventQueueSize=null, evictionAlgorithmConfig=ExpirationAlgorithmConfig{expirationKeyName='expiryTime', warnNoExpirationKey=true, timeToLive=1000, maxNodes=-1, minTTL=-1}, evictionActionPolicyClassName='null'}

      Is there anything else I am missing for the eviction to run?