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    transaction management with multiple caches

    sridhar reddy Newbie


      I am using JBoss Cache 3.1 integrated with Gridgain 2.1.

      I built three jboss cache instances with Cache Mode as LOCAL.
      Each of these cache instance is associated to a single GridNode.
      These grids are running in separate machines.

      For a particular operation, i need to delete data from two caches and merge it with some data in third cache.

      for this first i executed a jobs to get data from the first & second cache (affinity based).
      Here if deleting data from any of the cache fails, then i would like to roll back the operation in all caches.

      If the first two are completed successfully,
      Now i am executing another job with the data from earlier jobs to merge with data in third cache.(affinity based)

      Here, if the merging operation fails, then i would like to roll back the delete operation in the first & second jboss cache instances.

      How can i use transactions in these scenarios

      Please help me.
      Sridhar Ratna