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    Cluster Node Fail: reinstantaiting non cache resources from

    Bartosz Baranowski Newbie

      Hi All

      Im currently testing some code to know which data comes from failing node and I wonder if there is some pattern that I missed on google (cant search jb forums due to: the module threw an exception ...)

      To make it short, scenario looks as follows:
      - threee nodes, sharing state via jb cache
      - service unit running on node1 creates timers
      - node1 fails
      - some service is notified of failure (either via HA Partition or cache listener) and node2 is peaked up as one that takes over
      - now node2 should instantiate timers from failed node, however how can it distinct one timer(cache data describing it) from another (from its local, or node3 timers)? - unless there is another cache structure indexing data by node, which seems a bit bad.

      Currently Im testing cache listeners to see if it can give some valued information.

      Any one had similar case?