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    Classloader Issues

    Srinivas Chamarthi Newbie


      I am working on a web application that uses Spring (3.0.0.M3), JPA, Hibernate Provider deployed in Jboss Portal. (2.7.2 - Jboss Core 4.2.3).

      I want to use Jboss Cache in my application at business layer and also for S3 objects.

      I have created CacheMgr Spring Initializing Bean which binds Cache Object to Jndi during init method.

      I have placed the following jars in WEB-INF/lib folder


      So it rightly complained about Jboss Util Marshalling classes and I have included jboss-common-core.jar file.

      But this jar file is breaking my other parts of the application. Weirdly Its complaining about DataSources defined in my spring context file which is working fine without the CacheMgr bean.

      Did any one encountered the similar issue ? I was strugging with this for last one week, any help is greatly appreciated.

      thx in advance,