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    Running JBoss Cache independent of Java application?

    David Armour Newbie


      We are working on an old Java application (non-container based) that is now loading 100s of MB of data into hashtables and running out of memory. One thing we need to do is move this data out of the JVM but have it accessible to it.

      When running JBoss Cache – can it be used in a way that it runs in it’s own memory space independent of the Java application JVM? How is it accessed if it can run in it’s own memory space?

      Thanks in advance.

      David Armour
      Wisconsin Department of Transportation

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          Rostislav Matl Newbie

          I don't understand well but I'll try gto give some hints.

          It seems that you do not want to run whole JBoss AS just to use Cache. You do not have to, the Cache can be used standalone - it's a shame that there is almost no documentation for this, but there is some example config in the demo application.

          I do not see any advantage in moving it to separate JVM on the same machine - there won't be more memory. Cache can be set to overflow to disk. If you want to move it to separate machine, you have to consider additional the overhead (at least increased latence) - for this I do not know what to use, I've heard about project Cajo, mayby you can give it a try.