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    Invalidation mode and state retrieval

    R S Newbie


      If I have an invalidation cluster:

       <clustering mode="invalidation">
       <stateRetrieval timeout="20000"/>

      What does stateRetrieval control in this case? Does it still control whether this cache JVM would retrieve all the objects from other cluster members?

      2. If i have
       <clustering mode="invalidation">
       <stateRetrieval timeout="20000" fetchInMemoryStafe="false"/>

      Image I fist start a JVM and put 100 objects under 'xyz' node. Then i start up another JVM (part of the same invalidation cluster). I assume in this case no initial retrieval would take place. However, when i call 'xyz'.getChildren on the 'blank' jvm - will it start asking the neighbors for the all the xyz children or simply return empty collection because this particular node does not know anything about the other 100 children previously created by the first node?

      Thank you.