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    JBoss replaces my CMP table-name

    Daniel Georges Newbie


      "coolhour" wrote:
      "coolhour" wrote:

      I encountered following problem:

      I want to access a db2 which is on a host. JBoss itself lays on a windows pc. It communicates with the local db2 over jdbc.
      If I map the db2 to the host db2 I get the following message in the server.log. (All communication is done via db2 connect, and completly transparent for JBoss.)

      COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.DB2Exception: [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2] SQL0204N "QATOWNR1.U_ABMPS7" is a not defined name. SQLSTATE=42704

      Thats true, but I wrote to my CMP-File

      <table-name>QATOWNR1.USERPROFILE</table-name> <--- So JBoss should use this

      If I access the db on a windows db2, there is no problem.

      I found out, that there is realtionshup between the db meta data. The method DatabaseMetaData.getMaxColumnNameLength() returns 128 for windows and 18 for the host. So, jboss seems to replace my db-name. The problem is, that I need the schema name, which don't fall under the 18 character restriction.
      Any ideas how to solve this Problem?


      PS: Maybe you can give me an address to report this bug or someone who could help.