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    about integration of hibernate

    gaoligong Newbie


      "gaoligong" wrote:
      "gaoligong" wrote:
      I just want know that which version of jboss will be integrated with hibernate? and when?

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          Marcin Newbie


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          "marcin" wrote:
          This question also bothers me.

          And more:
          What the integration will look like? HIbernate will be the base of the CMP engine, JDO engine and will it provide pure Hibernate persistence?
          Is there any paper or a discussion how exactly it will be done? What will be the consequences of such change (except performance)? Descriptors will change?

          Answers to those questions are very important to me when considering new project technologies or changes in current systems.



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            jgiraldo Newbie


            "jgir" wrote:
            "jgir" wrote:
            From Gavin King, in "Hibernate in Action", ch3: "... in our view the debate is essentially over. Entity beans are being superceded by less intrusive solutions like Hibernate. EJB itself is losing ground to new ideas like lightweight containers, inversion of control frameworks ..."

            From Marc Fleury, in "BLUE": "The new persistence framework, specified in EJB 2.0 is so powerful it should really be a standalone spec ."

            I can't wait to read "RED", since it is probably where these two apparently opposite visions of the future of persistence will converge.

            Anyone wants to give us an advance?. I really want to find out how is JBoss going to merge Hibernate with Entity beans !