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    SQL returning less number of rows than there is in the table

    Palaniappan Rajaram Newbie

      I have a very strange problem popping up every now and then. The app is a web-centric one using Struts->JBoss->MySQL and I'm using the latest production release of each of the listed items.

      The problem that I have been encountering is as follows:

      A very simple SQL statement which does an equijoin between two tables and returns the matching rows. Everything is fine in the beginning but after running the app for sometime, the query returns less number of rows than there is in the table. I copied the query from the log and ran it through the mysql command line utility and it returns the complete set. In some cases, I observed that recycling JBoss helps. But, as of this morning, that doesn't seem to help either. For example, there are 115 matching rows in the table but the app when run through JBoss returns only 76, while the same query through mysql returns 115.

      I'm investigating this by stepping through the code but was wondering if this could be a resource issue with JBoss and if anyone has ever encountered anything like this.

      Thanks in advance for your help ...