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    A recent project of mine

    Tim Fox Master

      I've recently been working with a company called Blueheath, to deliver their internet order capture engine and core business system.

      The system has been live on jboss in production now for well over a year, first on 2.4.x, and now on 3.0.x.

      It's a large and complex system, as I say doing everything from order capture, to warehouse management, to CRM, etc. etc.

      Architecture is:
      Linux (redhat) on 5 x Intel (Compaq proliant), raid 1/0
      Jboss 3.0.x + mvcsoft (for ejb 2.0 cmp).
      Apache, resin.

      Basically it runs the entire business, and it works very well.

      BTW don't blame me for the disgusting homepage - i wasn't responsible for that!

      Please feel free to massage the above into better english and use on your website if you so require.

      Here is the official company blurb, I have cleared all this with the CEO, so please feel free to use it, if you so wish.

      It's a UK company.

      The Blueheath business

      Blueheath is the first ever Internet-enabled grocery wholesaler for the £23 billion independent sector. The Blueheath business was founded on one simple principle: stripping out unnecessary supply chain costs to pass on the benefits to independent retailers. To deliver these benefits, Blueheath has created the UK’s first stockless just-in-time distribution system for the independent sector. Because we hold no stock, operate no cash & carry depots, use spare vehicle fleet capacity, and make extensive use of technology to reduce costs, Blueheath is able to operate more efficiently than existing wholesalers, and passes these benefits directly on to its customers.

      Blueheath was founded in May 2000 and is venture capital backed. Its Chief Executive is Douglas Gurr, who was formally a Partner at McKinsey & Company. Its Chairman is Colin Smith who was for six years the Chief Executive of the Safeway supermarket chain.

      Since beginning its national roll out in May 2001, Blueheath has:
      § Opened 13 distribution depots covering over 90% of the UK population.
      § Built an active customer base of over 1,200 independent retail outlets.
      § Built turnover from £400,000 to over £40 million.
      § Consistently delivered a 98% fulfilment and 99% on-time delivery performance – figures well in excess of previous industry best practice.
      § Won the Ian MacLaurin award for supply chain excellence IGD’s annual Food Industry Awards.

      In August 2002, Blueheath completed second round funding of £6.5 and is currently launching the next stage of its expansion plans.