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    Cancelled 80K+ Weblogic Fees

    Rajatish Newbie

      We convinced our boss to cancel the Weblogic maintenance agreement of over 80K per year and go with JBoss. We have implemented 2 production apps. 1 external site is rolling out 4/1/2003 with SSH. All of this in about 4 months time. Word is spreading in our organization and others are porting apps from Weblogic to JBoss.

      We love the hot deployment. It works and it is stable! We have tested on NT, W2K, Linux and Solaris... JBoss performs beautifully. We think we have at least a 20-30%(probably more like 50-60%) decrease in our development time by NOT having to constantly reboot. It helps you keep your train of thought by quickly seeing the results.

      Our most favorite feature is the pluggable oracle-service.xml connection pool. We brought up our app, logged into our system, pulled up data from a test database. We then modified the oracle-service.xml file to point to the staging database while the user was still logged on. The user then clicked to re-load the data and presto!... they got the staging data.. without rebooting JBoss, without redeploying the app! That is great!

      We have done Stateless and Statefull Session Beans with the greatest of ease. Our next task is to get a CMP or BMP Entity bean working on an app that is giving us some performance headaches. With what we have seen so far, this won't be a problem at all.

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          marc fleury Master

          glad you liked the redeploy of services (oracle pool.xml)

          The notion of SARS (we should change the names) was designed for that usage. Meaning that people already like cycling apps since 1.x days but cycling the system is something we achieved in the 3.x series with some classloading unification.

          The drive as you saw was in fact the datasources and the pools that we wanted to dynamically deploy to a running system :).

          he he be sure to take out support and give us some of that saving :)


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