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      We designed and built buzzuco an SMS community/gaming application for faith-inc which was launched in the UK late November 2002 using open source applications at every opportunity.

      At the core of buzzuco is the Jboss/Tomcat J2EE stack. Since launch we have upgraded buzzuco functionality regularly, hot deploying the new releases without any difficulty. buzzuco was built from scratch in 2 months by 3 developers one in the UK and two in South Africa, it consists of 50 statless session beans 5 web applications and multi-threaded client application that helps mange links to our SMS gateway.

      Using JBoss was key to ensuring buzzuco was delivered on time, on budget and that it could be upgraded and scaled up with ease. Although I had developed applications with Jboss in the past (since about version 2), this was the first time where it was my responsibility to choose the software architecture. In no small measure thanks to Jboss I came through this project smelling of roses! buzzuco has been up and running now for several months and requires very little maintenance. I am now assisting Xensia with their J2EE hosting products.

      Check out http://www.xensia.net/dev_hosting.html for details of Xensia's J2EE hosting plan implemented using JBoss and other open source applications.
      I will be advocating JBoss to all our new customers.

      Well done the JBoss team.

      Cheers Hoos.