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    Second success with JBoss

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      "asafw" wrote:
      "asafw" wrote:
      We recently finished installation and ATP of our product with a mobile operator.
      Needless to say how demanding is the process of delivering a product to a mobile operator, preferring JBoss over the competitors certainly was the right decision and helped achieving this goal.
      The Telco industry usually tends to accept products that are based on "well known" brands.
      Trying to make it with JBoss was not trivial, but after proving the overall delivered performance in the lab even the most prudent ones were convinced.
      I call it "Second Success" because we managed to do the same with the last company I worked for also selling products to mobile operators.
      Both companies share some common R&D characteristics, that reflect the current market needs:
      - small but very skillful teams.
      - cautious budget management.
      - very demanding requirements that will match the taste of the mobile operator.
      - rapidly changing product requirements.