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    Going Live Soon

    javiersdq Newbie

      Hello all!
      I have been a big fan and a JBoss user for at least a couple of years but I had not had the opportunity to develop and deploy a real application on JBoss. Part of the reason for that is because my company purchased BEA Weblogic before I became familiar with JBoss. Finally last year an oppurtunity came up where I was able to design and develop a new system which required integration of a vendor's software (written in Visual Basic 6.0) with our ERP system. We ended up developing a Web Services application using Apache Axis and JBoss 3.2 (we decided not to use JBoss.net) running on a WIN 2K server. The application is small and consists of a few entity, session, and message driven beans. Overall we are extremely happy with JBoss and Axis.
      I will be happy to provide more information on the application and/or my experience with JBoss if anyone is interested.
      Thanks to the JBoss team.