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    JCache copatibility status?

    Calin Lupa Crisan Newbie

      I want to know if JBOSS 4 support the virtual host and then how to configure that ?
      thank you

        • 1. Error from EJB 3.0 PR2 and JBOSS 4.0.1RC1
          Bela Ban Master

          Here's the error message:
          16:07:04,978 ERROR [UDP] exception=java.io.StreamCorruptedException: invalid str
          eam header
          at java.io.ObjectInputStream.readStreamHeader(ObjectInputStream.java:753
          at java.io.ObjectInputStream.(ObjectInputStream.java:268)
          at org.jgroups.protocols.UDP.handleIncomingUdpPacket(UDP.java:670)
          at org.jgroups.protocols.UDP.run(UDP.java:249)
          at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:595)

          My java version is 1.5.0-b64 on Windows XP.
          The server falls into infinite loop with the above message.