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    Simple Order system is now ready !

    neptune5 Newbie

      Cheers Jboss for makiong it fairly easy to get this project up and running.
      Here is a link to my website where details about this system can be found.

      Email me there if you want a copy of it.

      cheers Adrian

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          neptune5 Newbie

          This system is now in use in a fast food outlet here in the Uk. I might make this system open source on sourceforge so that it can be further developed. ( is this a good idea ???)

          It also uses apache fop to produce reportsd which was fairly easy to get done.

          So again I ask ! if anyone would like to help the development of it please go to the website and email me. Its a good basis so far but does need some refinement .

          cheers Adrian

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            Gary Skinner Newbie

            Dear Adrian,

            While your application is still in its preliminary stage, start putting your critical business logic into Business Rules (in XML). This allows your software maintenance to be concentrated in one place and quickly changed.

            This product runs on any J2EE application server including JBoss, Tomcat.
            It performs extremely well on AS400 and can be called from RPG400! We are knowledgeable in the Grocery Industry and may be a resource for you in expanding your Order system development.

            Click on the www icon below!