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      Staff Accountant Job Description

      We are seeking to fill the position of Staff Accountant. The candidate will be a junior-level, degreed accountant looking for a challenge. This person will demonstrate the highest levels of integrity, will be professional, assertive, energetic, articulate, self-motivated, detail oriented, self-disciplined, and willing to roll up the sleeves. We intend that the responsibilities incumbent with this position will expand over time, therefore this opportunity is best suited for someone who desires real professional growth. The specific responsibilities are, at a minimum, as follows:

      - Responsible for day-to-day general ledger activity to include all balance sheet and income statement accounts except as directed by the Controller.
      - Timely and accurate entry of accounts payable to assure recognition in the proper period, as well as appropriate account and departmental classification.
      - Timely and accurate invoicing of customers to promote the efficient turnover of accounts receivable and the realization of cash.
      - Frequent interaction with the Sales group to assure the timeliness and completeness of contracts, statements of work and other instruments necessary to assure revenue recognition in compliance with GAAP.
      - Management of accounts receivable to assure the achievement of high, sustained rates of receivables turnover. These responsibilities will require a highly disciplined approach in which regular calls and emails are made to customers whose accounts are past due.
      - Performance of check runs in conjunction with payables responsibilities.
      - Reconciliation of cash accounts.
      - Accepting wire transfers in and administering wire transfers out.
      - Accepting and processing credit card payments.
      - Reconciliation of other accounts receivable, other current assets and other assets.
      - Recognition and depreciation of fixed assets including ownership of the fixed asset subledger.
      - Recognition and reversal, as necessary, of various accruals based on discussions with the Controller, CFO, and departmental heads.
      - Reconciliation of accrued liabilities accounts including accrued bonuses, payroll, commissions and other accrued liabilities.
      - Timely and accurate maintenance of the deferred revenue accounts. This will include monthly calculations of GAAP revenue and the preparation of the related journal entry.
      - Accurate and timely entry of the payroll journal entry (payroll processing is outsourced).
      - Performance of account analysis, activity reviews, budget to actual reporting, variance analysis, and exception reporting.
      - Experience with Great Plains a plus.

      To reiterate, once mastered, these responsibilities will expand based on the ability and ambition of the Staff Accountant.

      Education and Experience

      We are seeking an individual who has an accounting degree in hand. The experience necessary for this position is less important than is the desire to learn and to perform at a high, sustained level.

      For consideration, please send your resume to: jobs@jboss.com