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    JBoss makes it possible one more time

    Javier Newbie

      I have not posted anything in a while but that does not mean that I have not been busy deploying solutions using JBoss. I like to share this information and spread the word as my way to thank the JBoss team and community (forums) for how valuable their software products have been to me.

      My last victory was the development of a framework that allows us to describe AS400-based programs (RPG, SQL, etc.) through an XML file. This file contains all the required information for me to call these programs through the classes provided by IBM in their toolbox for Java.
      The framework then exposes these programs as REST-based web services which means I can then call AS400 programs from any language that supports URL connections and XML. I have tested this from VB and Java applications. I am also using the framework to develop AJAX applications.
      As usual, JBoss made the development of this framework (and the deployment of applications that use it) very easy for me. One of the things I needed to do was to create an MBean to manage my AS400 connections. JBoss made this a no-brainer.

      JBoss team, thank you again.