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    It's not the JBoss of me

    Sam Ketchum Newbie

      ever try installing one of those applications in which you feel you are completely at the mercy of computer gremlins? Where the best way to get it to do something is to try your hardest not to? the kind that keeps you up at night dreading the eventual and inevitable return to it in the morning?

      Not so with jboss. My latest experience with it involved setting it up to cluster among multiple machines. Having accomplished clustering with mysql a few weeks before, I hunkered down, prepared for long hours with a lack of discernable progress. Imagine my suprise, when after entering the ./run.sh -c all command four times, followed by a simple adjustment to iptables, I was finished! I felt like, for once, the intent of my fingers and the result on the screen had merged into a seamless system directed by my will and not whatever proclivities my computers were wont to display.

      Thanks everyone at the JBoss team for doing such a great job!