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    Advice for dynamic interface generation

    francesco milesi Newbie

      Hi everybody,

      I need to generate an interface at run time based on the UI definition stored in the database. I would like it to be ajaxed and based on richfaces components. I made two different attempts and experiments.

      At first I thought to use facelets ui:repeat tag to nest form fields inside panels and panels inside tabs (I can determine fields, panels and tabs only at run time by means of a query to the database). But the tabs did not show up.

      Then I tried to build the interface in my java beans, but I am struggling with cast exceptions...

      So I am even thinking to abandon richfaces for facelets + dojo.

      So, before continuing my experiments and making a final choice, I would like to know if anybody has done something similar before and to understand wich approach fits my requirements best.

      Many Thanks in advance,

      ciao Francesco