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    Drag indicator bug?

    Matthias Graehn Newbie

      I have a page with a lot of text and a drag and drop list in it.
      Because of the Text I have to scroll to list. If I click onto an element which supports dragging the drag indicator isn't shown at the mouse cursor position but below. It seems the distance of the deferment depends on the scroll factor (the more I scroll the further the drag indicator appears from the mouse origin.)

      I use Firefox css from the relevant layer:

      #content {
       position: absolute;
       bottom: 0px;
       top: 61px;
       right: 0px;
       left: 250px;
       overflow: auto;
       background: #fff;
       border-left: thin solid #ccc;
      and inside that div

      #content_text {
       position: relative;
       right: 0px;
       left: 0px;
       margin-left: 27ex;
       width: 75ex;

      What can I do?