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    Business Process with jBPM and Richfaces (EliteBPM)

    Michael Newbie

      Greetings All. I work with a software and solutions company, Elite Value Solutions, that built a business process management system on top of jBPM and Richfaces/JSF. This combination allowed for powerful features and user experience, all of which wouldn't have been possible without these technologies.

      Anyone who has developed with Richfaces, or is an end user for a system written with Richfaces, is fully aware of its capabilities. It takes the Web GUI to an entirely new level and equips developers with features that would otherwise take them several months to build out from scratch.

      What about business process management? EliteBPM is built on top of jBPM. jBPM is a feature-rich and mature engine that made it possible for us to add in the capabilities that we did - which includes BAM (business activity monitoring), advanced task and process management, administration, customizable identity management and a full service library (to name a few). I've personally worked with other BPM systems and can comment on why jBPM is better.

      So does it all work? Yes. One of our biggest customers proves that business process is the way to go. We work with BMW NA and have implemented several processes that span the enterprise - actually the globe. The processes enforce business policy surrounding finance and administration, which helps BMW save money and comply to regulations.

      I recommend both jBPM and Richfaces. If anyone has any questions about our implementation with jBPM and Richfaces please feel free to respond to this post or even contact me directly. You can read more about EliteBPM here.

      Keep the great technologies coming. The developer community welcomes it. Oh and one more thing. For the individuals who have a hard time determining if they should use open-source, in my experience (12 years and dozens of implementations), I've seen more problems with proprietary software then with open-source. Also, if you take a step into the forums, no question is unanswered, and no problem unresolved. Kudos to the community.