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    JBoss v. Oracle WebCenter 10.3

    Michael Copenhafer Newbie

      Hi, I'm doing an evaluation of these two different portal products. In general, our most important requirements are CMS, and the ability for a non-techie user to modify pages with a WYSIWYG editor. We're also looking for a suite of collaboration tools and portlets -- wiki, blogs, communities, email, forums, chat, etc.

      JBoss does the former pretty well from what I can see, but lacks some of the collaboration tools which would come in the form of third-party packages. Does anyone know for instance, the tools used to create the forums and wiki on jboss.org? Is it all clearspace?

      I'm also wondering if anyone has experience with Oracle WebCenter and can draw any comparisons. WebCenter's a monstrous suite of tools. The portal, WebCenter Interaction, seems similar to Liferay portal, and the collab tools come in a separate package.

      Thanks for any input.