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    programatically managing datasources

    Gabriel Newbie

      I'm doing a DB-explorer app, and I need a way to programatically add/remove/configure datasources. The users will be selecting the type of the DB, the machine running it, and an account/password combination, and the system will automatically add the DB, and its catalogs and all to a DHTML tree.
      (think of a web version of DBVisualizer).

      I'd rather avoid using JDBCpool or PoolMan, seeing that JBoss has its own wonderful connection pooling mechanism.

      I know about the :8082 interface, but that doesn't helps. I need to do it programatically, with Java code, from a servlet, without a restart, if possible.

      I'm looking forward to buying the JBoss3.0 book, when it will be out, but meanwhile, projects must go on.

      (repost, since the original thread died)