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    Configure firebird JDBC with UTF8 in JBoss  2.4.6

    tsangcn Newbie

      I successfully create a connection pool for Firebird JDBC with UTF8 in JBoss 2.4.4 with the following lines in jboss.jcml

      org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver, interbase.interclient.Driver

      <!-- sysdba -->
      <!-- masterkey -->

      But after upgrade to JBoss 2.4.6, I get the following exception when I start JBoss

      [16:49:26,656,XAConnectionFactory] Can't get an XAConnection
      interbase.interclient.InvalidArgumentException: [interclient] Invalid argument: User and password connection properties are not set.
      See API reference for exception interbase.interclient.InvalidArgumentException

      I have try to umcommented the JDBCUser and Password attribute. The connection pool is created OK. But there is no UTF8 support.

      So, please help how to configure a connection with UTF8 support for Firebird JDBC in JBoss 2.4.6