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    Petstore Deployment : Database Connection Problem

    Balaji Venkatraman Newbie

      Hi all ,

      1. I have deployed petstore in JBOSS 3.0 . I have put the Postgres-service.xml . I am able to see the PostgresDS in the Jboss admin page :

      2. But I am getting the error of "Unable to connect database " from the Populate Servlet. I tried to get the Datasource from JNDI java:comp/env/JDBC/PostgresDS . But it says NameNot Bound Rxception .

      3. Any one tell me how to deploy the Petstore application with postgres in the JBOSS .

      4. As I am recommending JBOSS to large Orgnisation for largescale projects , I need to give some go with some clear demo .

      Many thanks .

      Balaji Venkatraman