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    JBoss-2.4.4 & Oracle 8.1.7 Database  Fetch out of Sequence

    Sridhar J Newbie

      I Have a 8 BMP entity Bean which is accesing the data base tables which has multiple BLOB Columns.
      The rate of access of the Data base is very high ( once in 2 secs);

      Now i have a problem.
      Very often i get the ERROR Oracle 01002 : Fetch out of Sequence.

      The configurations for the Bean are
      Persistence : Bean.
      stanardjaws.xml : <select-for-update>false</select-for-update>

      All the Query uses the Select **** FOR UPDATE dealing with the BLOB and CLOB.

      Now the Question :
      1. How to avoid the Error Oracle 01002.
      2. How to control the Connection for setting the autocommit(false). and based on the bytes put i can commit the transactions.
      3. what should be the value for the <select-for-update>false</select- for-update>.
      4. where to set the transaction time for executing the query's.
      is it at attribute name="TransactionTimeout">3000
      in the jboss.jcml ?

      5. Should i have to use the specific Xid implementations
      in jboss.jcml ?
      6. How to congifure for using the Oracle DataSourceLoader and to use the Oracle's DataSourceClass since i find the

      is the problem for the Error : Oracle 01002

      Solutions ASAP.