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    3.0.0 to 3.0.1RC1 datasource problem

    Los Morales Newbie


      I tried testing a basic program which looks up a MySQL datasource and returns the corresponding connection but I keep running into "Exception occurred: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException jdbc not bound" error. This keeps occuring in JB 3.0.1RC1 but works just fine in 3.0.0. I checked the logs to see if my mySqlDS was bound and it was there. Here is my config info:


      TestMySQL.java (deployed as an ear)
      Context jndiContext = new InitialContext();
      DataSource dataSource = null;
      dataSource = (DataSource)jndiContext.lookup( "java:comp/env/jdbc/TestDB" );
      conn = dataSource.getConnection();

      like I said before, running this same program w/ the same config works just fine on JB 3.0.0 but throws a NameNotFoundException in JB 3.0.1RC1. Anyone has a hint on what might be the problem? thanks in advance.


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          Los Morales Newbie

          nevermind... figured it out...

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            kalpesh Newbie

            if you have shifted from jboss-3.0.0RC1 to jboss-3.0.0_tomcat-4.0.3 then the deployment descriptor has changed a little. check these 3 things

            1)classes12.jar is in %jbosshome%\lib
            2)if you are using LocalTxConnectionManager then put the jboss-local-jdbc.rar in server\deploy directory
            3) the DS configuration have changed a little


            is changed to
            <config-property name="" type="" value="">