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    Please help with connection logging...

    Chris Wilson Newbie


      I need to see when connections are coming in and out of a conneciton pool.

      We're running JBoss 2.4.4 w/Tomcat 4. We are exierencing connection leaks and I really need to see when connections are being checked out and then returned to the pool. I've turned on logging for the datasource in question (in jboss.jcml) and the only thing I see is "org.jboss.jdbc.XADataSourceLoader.bannerAutoDS - No transaction right now" type messages.

      I remember in JBoss 2.4.3 there were log entires that displayed the number of connections in use, the number in the pool, and the max allowed. I can't seem to get those log messages in 2.4.4. Is there anyway to enable this?

      JBoss is crashing every several hours as connections are getting eaten up. Thank you in advance for any help!