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    Why does Jboss automatically bind datasources to wrong appli

    Andrei Isakov Newbie

      Hello once more!

      I use Jbos2.4.4

      I have experimented a bit with several applications and what I discovered:

      when I add a datasource to jboss.jcml, I expect it to be GLOBAL, but Jboss binds it not to the global namespace.

      Firstly I had 4 wev applications in the deploy directory:


      and Jboss bound my "global" datasource to ".war" application

      later I removed the ".war" application from the deploy directory, and Jboss then bound the datasource to the "sportsbook.ear"

      This is what I needed, but I just want to understand how does Jboss decide which application to choose when binding datasources.

      BTW: None of applications deployed has "jboss.xml" file

      Kind regards,