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    Cannot connect datasource other than DefaultDS

    Péter Miklós Newbie


      Tables are always created in the default datasource when deploying a CMP bean. The beans work good and installed successfully but they would work only with DefaultDS.

      It seems that jaws.xml is completly ignored, because the names of the table and the columns are different from those ones I specified in the jaws.xml (they are always named as I name them in the CMP bean).

      I want my tables created in a SAP DB datasource, that is successfully installed as a jboss service. It must work, because it can be reached using (DataSource) context.lookup("jdbc:/mydbDS") from a session bean for example.

      I got no exception and I use jboss 3.0.0, jaws.xml is placed in the META-INF directory in my ejb.jar file that is packed in an EAR file.

      Could anybody please tell me what the problem may be? I was browsing several examples, forums and docs, but got no answer.