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    Jboss-3.0.0_tomcat-4.0.3 + mySQL: SQL errors

    Henrique Faria Newbie

      I'm trying the gangster-cmp2 example package, with mySQL.
      I made some changes to mysql-service.xml, downloaded the mm.mysql-2.0.14.jar driver, and copied both to jboss-dist/server/default/deploy.
      I changed the data source in the jbosscmp-jdbc.xml example to mySQL too.
      When I try to build the example, the major error that jboss reports is:

      "java.sql.Exception: Unexpected token: BINARY in statement [CREATE TABLE GANGSTER (id INTEGER NOT NULL, name VARCHAR(255), nick_name VARCHAR(64), badness INTEGER NOT NULL, organization VARCHAR(255) BINARY, CONSTRAINT PK_GANGSTER PRIMARY KEY (id))]"

      The same problem was happening with the 'name' field too. I "solved" it by defining explicitly the type (VARCHAR) of the field, with the <jdbc-type> and <sql-type> tags.
      The 'organization' however is a cmr-field, and I couldn't avoid the error, defining the type explicitly.

      Henrique R. Faria