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    <rich:suggestbox> down arrow key not working for selection

    dennis chan Newbie

      I just upgrade Richfaces from 3.0.1 to 3.1.3 CR2, and currently regresstion test all the richfaces implemenation that I have in my app.

      I am having a strange problem that I am not sure if this is upgrade related : After I enter a few chars in the richfaces suggest input field, the suggest list pop up and I can NOT use the arrow key to select the item. I can, however, use the cursor for selection. To make it more strange, it works in Firefox OR old richfaces 3.0.1 works. Here is the combination of richfaces and browser that I tested.

      Richfaces 3.0.1 and FF - works
      Richfaces 3.0.1 and IE 6.0 - works
      Richfaces 3.1.3CR2 and FF - works
      Richfaces 3.13CR2 and IE 6.0 - NOT works (only cursor selection works and I do not see any javascript on the browser)
      Does anyone have the same problem with IE6 on the latest Richfaces release ?