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    Error when activating entity bean instances after their pass

    Thilo Gaub Newbie

      Hi, experts!

      I hope you can offer a solution for the following problem:

      We're using JBOSS 2.4.4 and SAPDB 7.3.24 as a data source for our entity beans (bmp!). In general everything works fine, but: When JBOSS has passivated all the bean instances, for some reason it isn't possible to reactivate the instances because the system keeps on hanging in the method, which is thought to select the entities' IDs from the DB and returning them as a vector of primary keys. After a while JBOSS prints the following "time out"-message:

      [WARN,TxCapsule] Transaction XidImpl [FormatId=257, GlobalId=PC1//2795, BranchQual=] timed out. status=STATUS_ACTIVE

      The interesting point is that a second attempt to reactivate the instances always succeeds! The error never occurs if some instances are still active.

      Does anybody know the reason for this?