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    while application porting from weblogic to jboss3.0.2

    Sudhi Newbie

      I am Fairly successful in porting app from weblogic to JBoss 3.02.
      However, Need help.
      I used the varia/resources/Jbosscmp-jdbc.xsl, weblogic-ejb-xsl and standardwl.xml to generate jbosscmp-jdbc.xml, jboss.xml deployment descriptors.
      One change I did was to use Standardjboss.xml instead of standardwl.xml.
      Since in standardwl.xml, there was no containerinvoker pointing to org.jboss.ejb.Proxy <not sure of the fqp (fuly qualified Package name>
      Then copied the jar file to deply directory. Things started working fine.
      But when it comes to generate cmp proxy, it statrted compalining about Datasource and datasource mapping not found <deployment exception. I tried with the JNDI names I had specified in Oracle-service.xml, Oracle-xa-service.xml.
      Yes I have one transational DB and another non transactional. Hence I use both Oracle-service.xml, Oracle-xa-service.xml buit diff. data sources.
      I want to have transactional Data source name. Any clue, as what needs to be done ?