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    Help! Basic packaging/deploying of a web/entity bean appl

    Dwight Smith Newbie

      I need some help with, or to be pointed to some good documentation, on the basic packaging and deployment of a web/entity bean app.

      I have a small test web application that involves an entity bean, html, jsps and access to an Oracle database.

      Some of my confusion deals with which xml files need to be included in the deployment package and where do they go? I have modified the jaws, jboss-web, oracle-service, web, and application xml files. Other than putting the ejb-jar and jboss xml files in the bean jar, which of these other xml files need to be included in the war/ear files? The bean jar and war files need to be in the ear, but are there others? Are there other files, like login-conf.xml perhaps, that need to modified and put in the server area but not included in the ear? Where do the html and jsp pages need to be? What are the steps to associate the bean with a datasource?

      Also I put classes12.jar in the server\default\lib directory and changed the "DriverClass" in the oracle-service.xml file to: oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleConnectionPoolDataSource. Is this valid or do I have to use another class?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Is there some sort of step by step guide to this process? I figure there must be some good documentation out there because no one seems to be asking these kinds of questions and everyone on this forum seems to know some much more than I do. They must have learned it somewhere, does anyone know where or what documentation this is?

      Thanks from an obvious newbie (don't flame me to hard),